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The 16 cylinders of a powerful team

This is true for any business, be it a Franchise or otherwise.  So I teach my coaching clients a concept called The 16 Cylinders of High Performance. Imagine that each person in your franchise team is like a powerful engine with 16 cylinders.  Wow, imagine the performance you could get from an engine that massive! But what if some of your team are only firing on 12, or 8, or even 4? Your goal as the leader of your team is to ensure that each person is running on ALL 16 cylinders.

Human beings are comprised of four main components: body, mind, “heart”,  and spirit. Each person has several components, let’s call them cylinders and assume there are 16 cylinders made up like this:

Body- 3 Mind- 3 Heart- 5 Spirit- 5

The average business only recognizes the first two “body and mind”. These represent what you see on someone’s resume: skills, experience, knowledge, training. But represent only 6 of the 16 cylinders.

The other ten are heart and spirit. These are the attributes that tell you whether a person has the drive, passion, attitude and get-up-and’ go for the job. These are the attributes you must constantly engage to achieve high performance, loyalty and “going the extra mile” from your team.

So how do we do this? First of all, look at WHO you are being as the leader. Are you passionate about your business, your customers and your team? How do you demonstrate that each day? Do you inspire and enroll your team? Do you celebrate and recognize achievements?

If you don’t already have one, develop a vision and a mission statement, so that you are crystal clear on your company’s direction and why someone would want to come and work for you. Develop your company’s “Rules of the Game” and communicate them to your team.

Familiarize yourself with the Six Human Needs that Anthony Robbins has written about: significance, connection, growth, contribution, variety, and certainty/comfort. Four of these are critical when you’re aiming to engage your team’s heart and spirit.

Significance: Help your franchise team members to see meaning in their work.

Connection: Make sure your business is somewhere that your team feels a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Growth: Give your franchise  team members opportunities to become better, to stretch and excel.

Contribution: Show each team member how their work contributes to the  franchise business and to the wider community.

Finally, make sure you’re working to become a better leader, and then you will get the people you deserve – the ideal team.


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