Balancing a career and a family has proved to be a unique challenge for women. Returning to the office after maternity leave or longer sojourns raising children can prove difficult for many women, as the demands of both environments continue to weigh heavily on their minds.
As a result, an increasing number of business-minded women have sought to invest in a franchise opportunity. According to Franchising magazine, franchises offer ambitious women a supportive environment to start their own small business.
Additionally, it points out that women are uniquely qualified for this role due to their meticulous attitudes and attention to detail, especially as mothers.
“Investing in a franchise means you have a tried, tested and reputable business, which you can enjoy growing from day one, with exactly the right type of support and network around you.
This makes it not only more financially secure and successful but also a lot more fun. Franchising can be perfect for women who want to achieve that all important work/life balance,” Sarah Cresswell, founder of the Creation Station, told the magazine.
“A franchise system shortcuts learning, making the time invested more productive”, sites Jay Contreras, Liberty Tax Area Developer. “And for those who need flexibility a seasonal business like tax preparation allows the franchisee to work hard for a defined amount of time, 14 weeks in the tax business, and live a very flexible schedule the remainder of the year,” adds Contreras.
“This provides a great benefit for working mothers.”
Moira Holden, Web editor for, explains that mothers are used to running after children and managing various activities, which requires not only a very organized lifestyle, but the ability to prioritize every minute of the day, the magazine writes.
Furthermore, they are used to working not on a 9-to-5 schedule, but also adhering to children’s schedules. Mothers work at all hours, night and day, which will provide particularly useful during a franchise unit’s startup phase.
Cresswell started her own franchise from the bottom up, while still raising three children. She told the magazine that understanding the challenges women face in starting a business during this time makes the supportive atmosphere of franchising so appealing.
“What I love about the franchise model is that, if you find the right one for you, it can make the dream of running your own business a secure reality. You know what the outgoings are from the start and all the research and development costs are covered at the head office level – this can save you a fortune,” she said.
“More than anything though, I believe the true value of investing in the right franchise is in being part of a team who really understand you and your business, and who will support you through each step of your business growth and development,” Cresswell added.
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