Effective Listening – How To Do It

Effective communication is essential to having a successful franchise business. Effective communication begins with effective listening (and observation).

In any conversation, the one who is asking the questions controls the conversation.  However, one should have an idea, in advance, as to the direction and purpose of the conversation. It is good to have a bullet point outline in advance of the topics to be covered when practical.

When “listening” the key words to use are:

Through the judicious use of these word, one is able to effectively obtain information from others. It must be done with sincerity.   

It is helpful to repeat what the other person says.  This will confirm to you, and them, that you have received the information correctly. It also reaffirms to the other person that you “got” what is being said, and that it is important. 

Another helpful tool is to always have something to write upon, and take notes of what the other person says.  This also assists in receiving the information correctly, and imples to the other person that what they are saying is important.

Begin every important conversation by mentally saying to yourself, “I am going to be a GOOD LISTENER.  Quickly review in your mind the key words, (who, what, when, why and how).
Effective listening is not just auditory.  You must be aware of the other person’s “body language”.  There a complete courses given on this topic, and to ignore it, means you are only receiving a portion of what is being communicated.


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