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The past 38 years have been a real business adventure. There have been joys, challenges, successes and failures. All in all, it has been a wonderful experience of learning and growing. It is my desire to share the experience and knowledge with other “entrepreneurial oriented” people. The following is a chronology of my business adventures.

•    1973 - 1984 Dental Practitioner (L E Thomas, DMD, Family Dental Care)

•    1984 - 1995 Owned, managed, and operated 16 Dental practices (Family Dental Group, Quality Dental Care).        Sold to a public company.

•    1994 - 1996 Conducted seminars, workshops, and speaking, engagements on a national level in the Dental Healthcare Industry (Managed Excellence LLC)

•    1975 - 1996 Owned and operated 23 childcare centers (Thomas Learning Centers, New Thomas Learning Centers and Learning Tree) Sold business to employees, and retained properties.

•    1984 - 1986 Partner in a professional practice brokerage company (Professional Resources, Inc.) and was involved in the sale of over 30 professional practices, and sold to employee.

•     1981 - 1983 Started and operated a long distance telephone company (NuTel of Colorado) Sold to larger competitor.

•    1982 - 1983 Owned a commercial equipment rental company (Time Rentals), learned
      valuable business lessons and lost money.

•    1989 - 1995 Owned and operated a plumbing and heating company (Lee’s Plumbing and Heating) Sold to employees.

•    1989 - 1995 Owned and operated a residential & commercial inspection firm (Warranty Services of Colorado) Sold to a group of Professional Engineers.

•    1983 - Present Ownership and management of multiple units of commercial and residential real estate.

•    1996 - 1999 Owned and managed a midsized landscape maintenance company (RB Landscape and Tree Service). Sold to firm who was a consolidator in the market.

•    1997 - 1999 Owned and managed a direct mail coupon business (Best Value Publications, dba,The Advantage). Sold to employees.

•    2001 - 2005 Owned and managed  an automobile dealership/vehicle modifier business (Adaptive Automotive). Sold after 4 ¾ years for a very nice margin over its acquisition cost. 

•    2003 - 2005 Started with a Partner a business  (Sidewalk Shavers, Inc. ) that provided trip hazard removal services .After two years the original business opportunity was successfully sold.  Partner continues business model in Missouri.

•    2007 - 2010 Owned and managed a business (Denver Avionics, Inc.) that provided installation, service and repair of electronic instruments in small private and commercial general aviation aircraft. Sold to larger full service (aircraft maintenance) company.


                  DENTAL MEDICINE)

“Magical Business Solutions: Adventures of a Serial Entrepreneur and Lessons Learned”,
ISBN 978-0-9786807-1-8

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